Simple, Flexible, Reliable Trucking Software

Dispatching Assistance

Overcome the hurdles of dispatching. Our transportation management system streamlines the dispatch process to create an easy to use, real-time dispatching workflow.

With our dispatching solutions you can:

  • Work directly through a web-based interface
  • Plan and dispatch loads directly
  • Track information via status updates
  • Free up time and speed up workflows
Load Planning


Driver Side App

Our driver app holds everything a driver needs so you can dispatch efficiently. It can send necessary trip documents back to the office and transmit updates to dispatchers in real-time.

Our driver app:

  • Delivers real-time updates and keeps track of load progress, detention and more
  • Instantly scans and uploads bills of lading, trip tickets and other necessary documents

Billing and Invoicing

Stay in control of your business's finances. Work in our online utility, and discover the benefits of an easily manageable workplace.

With our back-office solutions you:

  • Receive documents from drivers in real time
  • Build a leaner billing cycle
  • Calculate revenue, costs, driver pay, and more
  • Connect with partners via EDI
  • Export billing and invoicing details directly to QuickBooks
LTC Invoice

LTC Dashboard

Visibility Dashboard

In a trucking company, visibility needs to exist between you and your clients.

Our visibility dashboard:

  • Grants brokers unparalleled access to their loads
  • Lets your clients see a load's progress, or set up new orders
  • Is an industry first, customer-driven utility