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Over-the-Road Trucking

For Those Who Love Travelling While Working, Over the Road (OTR) is the Choice

OTR is an essential type of trucking involving the transport of cargo over large distances, and time away from home. Working away from home and from the main office can cause some problems; however, LTC is here to help. These problems can range from a mess of a dispatching solution, to not knowing exactly where a load is, and a feeling of disconnectedness from drivers who spend most of their time on the road.

Benefits of LTC:

  • Dispatching Solutions: Our dispatching solutions beat out the old way of doing things and up the efficiency. Coordinate, plan, and send loads to drivers easily with our software.
  • Real Time Updates: Gain a real-time awareness of how loads are progressing. Find out when they make stops, get hit by detention or complete a load. Constant tracking helps keep visibility open between you and your clients.
  • User Friendly Driver App: Every driver gets equipped with a device and our LTC app. The app enables drivers to receive loads and deliver updates back to the office. Everything a driver should need can be held in the app.

Our software aims to help deal with the struggles of operating in an OTR situation. Whether it’s for drivers, dispatchers or owners, our system helps alleviate the difficulty of doing business and saves you money.

Over the Road


Commodity Shipping & Trucking

Shipping Commodities Can Involve Various Obstacles

From needing refrigerated trucks, to maneuvering around transporting livestock, commodity trucking is a tricky business.

Land Traffic Control navigates these obstacles by:

  • Status Updates: Delivering real-time updates on the status of loads, either delivered, stuck in detention, or on the way, keep up to date. This allows your company to have a greater understanding of how your loads progress and give you greater control.
  • Easy Dispatching: Dispatching from our web-interface easily sends dispatches off to drivers. Without worry, know dispatches have been accepted and that the driver has the right equipment for the job.
  • Equipment Tracking: Easily view available equipment and know which loads you are available to take.

Whether it's transporting food, luxuries or livestock LTC is able to equip you with the tools you need for success. With experience on grain and agriculture transportation, LTC shines at being able to adapt to those situations and provide support.

Oilfield Services

Specialized Work in Oil Takes Specialized Trucks

These trucks and workflows need to rely on structured organization. In order to keep operations running smoothly, information needs to be dispersed instantly. From swab rigs, to winch trucks and vacuum trucks, it can be hard to reliably keep up with it all. Find that reliability with LTC.

Land Traffic Control Backs Up Oilfields By:

  • Instant: Our software can instantly send pertinent information where it needs to go, assign tasks, and get documents from truckers.
  • 24/7: Oilfield services don't take breaks, and neither do we. Our software is capable of keeping up all day and all night.
  • Task-Based: Assign specific tasks to specific trucks, and ensure the job gets done.

Don't settle for any TMS. Partner up with one that works with you and your company type. LTC has the experience necessary to integrate into any oilfield's workflow.