Getting Up To Speed On Electronic Logging Devices

Posted by Ryan Gotcher on May 23, 2019 11:50:37 AM



Electronic logging devices (ELDs) have been becoming an increasingly important, and now required part of modern-day trucking. Keep reading to learn about their benefits.

 What Are Electronic Logging Devices?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has mandated that ELDs must be used, and the full compliance deadline is just around the corner in December of 2019. Full compliance is the final stage of implementing the ELD mandate. This stage means all carriers and drivers must abide by the ELD mandate. The FMCSA has put out a handy ELD infographic that consolidated all the information about compliance deadlines.

By December of 2019, automatic on-board recording device (AOBRD) users will be required to switch over to ELDs. Despite the ELD compliance deadline fast approaching, a surprising 40% of drivers are still using AOBRD, and plan to wait until the last minute to make the switch. The FMCSA has put out a chart described the technical differences between an ELD, and an AOBRD. Despite sharing in some of the same functionality an AOBRD does not meet the technical specifications described in the ELD rule. These technical specifications provide the oversight that makes an ELD safer, and better regulated.

The FMCSA helps carriers find verified ELD vendors by putting out this list of compliant ELDs. One successful ELD that can help out you, and your carrier, is Samsara.


ELDs are a small electronic device that automatically collects data related to Hours of service (HOS). The ELD must hook up to — or be synced with — your truck’s engine. Engine synchronization means monitoring engine performance and operation, as well as automatically collecting information about the engine. Generally, the ELD will automatically record or track HoS related items. These items can include date, time, location info, engine hours and status, vehicle miles, and id information for the current driver, the carrier, and the vehicle.

Not only are ELDs required by law, but they can benefit you and your company. A couple of the goals of ELDs as stated by the FMCSA is to create a safer work environment for truckers and provide more accurate HoS times and reports. The new ELD web-page put out by the FMCSA has a downloadable informational PDF. Some of the main points of how ELDs can benefit your company are touched on in the PDF. These main points include drastic savings from employing an ELD, such as $570 million saved annually in crash reductions across all carriers. Safety is also noted, and an apparent 26 lives a year are saved through ELD use.

ELDs may have been expensive in the past, however, today they are not only affordable, but are an investment likely to save you money in the long run. The FMCSA has studied the affordability of ELDs when they made the ELD rulings, and Table 10, on 17684 shows the exact savings. With paperwork savings alone, the rate of return is heavily in the favor of the consumer.

For more information about LTC, and ELD integration click here.

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