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How to Hire Better Truck Drivers

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How to Hire Better Truck Drivers

Most trucking companies have some of the most cutting edge technology in their fleet, but they lack one of the most important skills in order to stay relevant in today’s competitive trucking climate. And that uber important skill is: Hiring Better Drivers!

Given that there is currently a driver shortage, multiple companies are looking to replace drivers with technology, and as the generation that started this great trucking industry is starting to retire, companies drastically need to sharpen their hiring skills in order to start recruiting the best talent in the field.

So what’s the problem?

The problem lies in the disconnect between the hiring supervisors and the perspective of the new drivers of this generation. Younger drivers require a bit of a different type of finessing in order to appeal to their perception of what their career should look like.

And while this can seem disrespectful to the old school hiring managers, it would behoove them to be a bit more open-minded in order to recruit fresh blood and learning minds on their current fleet.

Recruitment Needs

Appealing to new talent is not much different than entering the dating scene. If you expect to attract a mate without paying heed to your attractive qualities (cutting your hair, taking a bath, and dressing in line with today’s fashion trends), you might not stand much of a chance having a successful evening.

So what do trucking companies and fleet managers need to have in their arsenal in order to appeal to eager, young drivers?

1. Know What Your Company Is For

Simply trying to compete with salary isn’t going to work in the long run. If new drivers know that they are playing a significant role in a much bigger picture and know they are joining a strong, caring community, that goes further than you might think. One of the biggest issues drivers feel they face in the workplace is a lack of respect. According to a poll by Randall Reilly, nearly 70% of drivers feel their fleets lack respect. Cultivating a workplace for the fleet based around respect can provide an easy step up for your company that drivers would seek out.

As shallow as some millennials may appear, they can’t fight their human urge and need to belong.

2. Stop Advertising In The Newspaper and Magazines

If you want to attract good talent, you have to go where the good talent currently is. Wasting money by throwing out a bunch of printed ads isn’t going to get you the best talent in the pool. This can also imply a need to throw out forced paper applications, and bring in desk-top and mobile friendly job applications.

Look into strategically placing Facebook or social media ads or look into Inbound marketing tactics that bring the talent to your door as opposed to you going to each of their’s and knocking desperately.

3. Create a referral Program

Gaining steam in the world of recruitment is the idea of a referral program. Leveraging relationships with those who share the same interests, troubles, or lifestyle creates a bong with those around you. As a result, drivers have surprisingly close communities, both locally and online. Creating a referral program is the perfect way to take advantage of this.

Delivering monetary benefit to drivers who recruit new drivers after the completion of a certain threshold of loads, or months on the job can expand your workforce, and help negate the worry of driver shortage.

4. ADDITIONALLY, create a retention program

Creating a driver retention program is a fantastic way to fight off driver shortage. Retention begins with creating a comfortable work environment. The best ways to easily create a better workplace are to install better technology, or pay for some better amenities. Installing a comfortable sleeper berth, or making use of high quality tech can improve a driver’s quality of life.

Additionally, creating a feedback loop for drivers can help them air their frustrations or workplace needs. This can be as easy as a quick survey, or more in-depth with regular meetings.

5. Secure The Best Possible Technology

This means doing away with outdated tech. Drivers have to constantly use all sorts of sorts of technology while on the job - from electronic logging devices, transportation management systems, or GPS’s. In order to attract drivers you need software that drivers can be comfortable with, and is easy to use.

With Land Traffic Control we offer a software that is comprehensive, and delivers a streamlined experience drivers find easy to use. Our driver-side app provides everything they need to do their job.

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