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Switching From AOBRDs To ELDs

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Switching From AOBRDs To ELDs

With the December 2019 deadline soon approaching, companies just using AOBRD’s alone will need to figure out the best way to incorporate Electronic Logging Devices (ELD’s) into their existing fleets. Keep reading to discover the easiest ways to implement and why you should switch to ELD’s sooner rather than later.

Here at Land Traffic Control, we are all about informing the industry about what is best and most efficient for their fleets.

And educating on the pro’s and con’s between AOBRD’s and ELD’s is no different.

That is why we have put together this extensive ebook for trucking fleets looking for the best possible route to meet the new December deadline while also saving money and making their organization much more efficient.

Click below to access our download and start saving money while remaining compliant!

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