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Intelligent Dispatching

Take back your time and shorten the billing cycle with fast order creation, real-time updates, and same day invoicing
Dispatching Console
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Land Traffic Control makes managing your business easier and gives you the data you need to focus on growth

Streamlined Order Creation and Management

Experience the power of effortless order handling with Land Traffic Control.  Whether you prefer using our intuitive dashboards or seamless integration with our trusted partners, our platform ensures that every step of order management is efficient. From duplicating orders to lightning-fast search capabilities, editing orders on-the-fly, and dispatching them effortlessly - we've revolutionized the way you handle orders.

Dispatching Console

Empowering Customer Insights

Say goodbye to endless customer inquiries with our Customer Visibility Dashboards. Give your customers the power to track their orders in real-time and access essential documents for quicker payments. By providing this self-service solution, you not only reduce the volume of customer calls but also enhance your customer relationships. It's the smart way to keep your customers informed and your payments flowing in faster.

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Insightful Reporting and Customized Settlements

Take control of your business's growth with our powerful reporting and settlement capabilities. In addition to a range of standard reports, our system allows you to create custom reports tailored to your specific needs, providing you with the precise information required to supercharge your operations.

But that's not all – we understand that flexibility is key. With our platform, company drivers and owners can receive settlements generated in customized templates designed to perfectly align with your organization's unique requirements. Empower your team with the insights and financial flexibility they need to thrive.

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Effortless Dispatching

Experience seamless dispatch like never before. Quickly assign available orders to drivers with just a few clicks on our planning page. Once assigned, drivers instantly receive push notifications and can access dispatch details through our mobile app. As they make progress, real-time updates flow seamlessly between the mobile app and our TMS system, keeping your operations in perfect sync. Say goodbye to dispatch headaches and hello to efficiency at its finest.

Customer Visibility Dashboard

Accelerate Receivables

Streamline your path to faster receivables with our document capture system. When drivers complete their dispatches, crucial order documents like BOLs are instantly captured and available in real-time. This enables you to send customized invoices to your customers shortly after delivery, reducing payment delays. Empowering you to efficiently manage and resolve detention payments and other accessorials, maximizing your revenue. Speed up your cash flow and enjoy hassle-free receivables management with our solution.



Land Traffic Control

Unlock the full potential of your trucking business with Land Traffic Control, the pinnacle of Truck Management Systems, meticulously engineered to revolutionize and elevate your organization.

Our software transcends industry boundaries, catering to diverse sectors such as fuel transport, construction, over-the-road logistics, and more. Our all-encompassing SaaS platform boasts an extensive array of powerful features, meticulously designed to streamline your daily operations and empower your team to thrive in a dynamic and ever-changing industry landscape.

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